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Back Support Belt

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Quick Overview

Back support belt delivers the firm support, comfort and durability to prevent lower back and abdominal injuries during heavy-duty lifting activities. Support stays keep them from riding up or down. It is machine washable, adjustable two-stage closure adjusts first for exact fit, and then for desired level of tension when ready to lift, to help remind wearer to lift properly. Features detachable suspenders allow the support to be worn with or without suspenders for personal preference of user.


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Specification of back support belt depends on material used, design, feature option, sizes, measurement and detachable suspender. The standard specification is as follow.
* Webbing to help prevent ride-up.
* Polyethylene plastic stays provide support and strength.
* Easy care, washable belt in 8″ wide.
* 2-part closing design in breathable spandex backed with rubber grip.
* Black and Cream Color. * Includes detachable suspenders.
* Available in sizes, S,M,L,XL,XXL.
* Smooth glide adjustable clips.
* Easy adjust elastic outer panels for added lower back support.
* Tapered abdominal support panels.
* 1-1/2″ extra wide support elastic suspenders.
* Fully enclosed spring steel stays for flexible, contoured support.

Waist Length (Inch) 20″-26″ 26″-30″ 30″-36″ 36″-42″ 42″-48″

Characteristics of Back Support Belt is depending on the materials used to design the primary objective of measuring the size and use of removable shoulder strap add 2 parts of the buckle is designed to use to help thread, Spandex & Elastic in ventilation.

How to wash and maintain Back Support Belt

  1. If washing with warm water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.
  2. Washing with soap with a mild alkali it should be washed immediately. Do not leave it soaking in dry or liquid.
  3. Rub the dirt and should not be twisted.
  4. When finished washing dry immediately in the shade between 2 lines or with hanger and should not be dry in direct sun light or with a towel because it will make dry slowly.


Back support belt is made from extended thread. Once purchased, you should use immediately. Should not be stored for a long time. And it should be kept in a cold location and should not be kept in high moisture area.